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Brinson Brothers

“We’re the Brinson Brothers, the heads behind Biotech Health—the site that brings you cutting-edge information about the biotech industry, biofuel, vaccine news, and more.”

Phillip and Nelson Brinson have always had a huge interest in the biotech field from the time they were in college. Like many, they entered their freshman year to get their initial credits out of the way, but found a great deal of interesting topics centered around biotech.

From vaccinations and how they work to the production of biofuels and more, biotech has been at the forefront of modern civilization, making advancements that help with energy and overall physical wellbeing.

Their interests peaked when their father was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a debilitating disease for some of those suffering with it.

They learned about clinical medications and trials, but didn’t want to jump into anything blindly and make their father worse for wear.

Apart from providing a well of information to dive through and learn from, biotech also hits a special place with them.

They created Biotech Health to bring you news, information, and critical breakthroughs in biotech medicine and productions.

Here, you’ll find guides on the best biotech companies to invest in, the best DNA testing kits, and biofuel generators, among other things.

You’ll be able to incorporate biotech health into your financials and lifestyle with the Brison Brothers’ help.